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While we have been manufacturing and wholesaling health supplements globally, our primary focus online is as a retail brand, particularly on platforms like Amazon and our official store, where we currently hold a substantial market share. We deeply appreciate the significance of offline stores and recognize the vital role of health experts in promoting our products.

Acknowledging the benefits of direct-to-consumer sales, such as convenient delivery and cost savings, we also understand the advantages that physical health stores provide – immediate access to products and a hands-on shopping experience. Health experts contribute significantly by offering professional guidance to end customers and valuable insights for our ongoing product enhancements.

At present, we are actively establishing an exclusive network of distributors and health experts across the USA, a network that we are committed to expanding and refining continually.

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Benefits of Joining:


Stay Ahead in the Market: We conduct daily analyses of market trends and have successfully launched numerous popular health supplements online, earning high ratings from satisfied customers. By joining our network, you align yourself with our pace, gaining access to the latest health trends for greater success in your offline business.

Cost Savings: Small store owners often face complexities when importing health supplements directly, leading to high costs due to quantity limitations. By eliminating intermediaries, we offer you competitive prices, with discounts of up to 30% off the online retail price.

Flexible Stocking Options: Choose to maintain a stock of health supplements in your store or opt for a sample-based approach. Utilize drop-shipping directly from our warehouse when customers place orders, reducing your upfront costs and providing flexibility in inventory management.


For Health Experts:


We are open to discussing various collaboration methods with health experts, including incentives for promoting our products, bulk purchase discounts, co-branding opportunities, and more. Additionally, we offer customization options to cater to the diverse health needs of your clients.


Becoming a Distributor:


We are actively seeking to expand our network of distributors and health service centers to provide optimal access to our health supplements. If you're interested in becoming an authorized Nature Target distributor, please introduce yourself via email to: We eagerly await your response.

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